The Morrison Society

A notified bequest bestows membership of The Morrison Society and recognises your associations with The Geelong College. The Society is designed to recognise and thank those who notify the College of a bequest in their lifetime. The Foundation hosts special events for Morrison Society members to engage with College staff, students and the community, and so that they can see the wonderful opportunities offered by the College now and share their memories and experiences.

The Morrison Society honours the Morrison Family, their generous contribution to the development and the traditions of The Geelong College, and their part in forging the foundations for the rich learning experiences that The Geelong College offers.

The Morrison Society acknowledges the long and generous history of benefaction and endowment by The Geelong College community and the benefits to The Geelong College.

The Morrison Society encourages members of The Geelong College community to continue that history of generosity by a commitment to make a bequest in favour of The Geelong College or The Geelong College Foundation in their Will.

The Morrison Society seeks through its membership to provide continuing financial support for enhancement of the educational opportunities and learning experiences at The Geelong College for future generations of Geelong Collegians. Each bequest, large or small, will make a difference to the quality of education and facilities at The Geelong College.

The Morrison Society members through bequest provision in their Will provide a lasting legacy to benefit future members of The Geelong College community.

The Morrison Society is promoted by, and is an initiative of, The Geelong College Foundation.


George and Norman Morrison's legacy is the success of The Geelong College.
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George Morrison 3
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The Morrison Family

Dr George Morrison MA (1830 – 1898) was the first Principal of The Geelong College.  He was a man who combined outstanding scholastic achievement with business ability and his term as Principal spanned a remarkable 37 years from 1861 to 1898.  George Morrison invested his own money to build a new school on Newtown Hill, such was his faith in the future success of the College.  During his time, enrolments and academic results flourished.

He was succeeded as Principal and owner of the College by his third son, Charles Norman Morrison MA (1866 – 1909).  Norman enlarged the school and modernised the curriculum by introducing Science and Languages.  In 1908, Norman Morrison sold the College to the Presbyterian Church, at a personal loss, so that it could gain public school status and membership of the APS.

There are many reminders of the Morrisons’ legacy at the College, including the initials “GM” inscribed in the stone above the main doorway, Norman Morrison Memorial Hall and Morrison House.  The Morrison Society is the latest link, looking back to the beginning and forward to the future of this great school.