Our Vision for Learning provides a broad framework for the development of learning experiences that invite students to thrive in the global economies of today and tomorrow. Increasingly, for students to be active contributors to their world, they must learn not just subject knowledge, or so called “21st century” skills, but also the most fundamental aspect of a modern education, learning how to learn. 

Our Vision for Learning establishes seven key learning dimensions: Identity, Creativity, Thinking, Communicating, Contributing, Creating and Enterprising. These underpin everything we do. They are the capabilities that our young people need for growing, working and participating in their communities in a changing and global society. They are the key to engaging in every learning area across the College, and are encouraged, modelled and explored across all ages.

Developed collaboratively by our teaching staff, this approach has drawn widely on national and international research and is future focused. It embraces aspects of the Teaching for Understanding framework of Wiggins and McTighe, the Reggio Emilia approach, experiential and constructivist learning philosophies, and many national and international curricula frameworks including the Australian Curriculum and the International Baccalaureate. 

It is a blueprint for shaping an exciting and productive future.