"Our view on leadership is comprised of two components, leading by example and leading by helping those we lead to be the best versions of themselves possible."

We are immensely grateful to have been offered the opportunity to be College leaders in 2019 and to be able to work alongside the College community to bring about positive change in the coming year. For us, while being chosen as leaders is a great honour, it is also being chosen to complete a role which in essence is about service and dedication to the school, and bettering the school. We are excited to take on this role in our final year of school, and will strive to develop and display the values which will enable us to influence and lead others.

With both of us having been at Geelong College since Junior School, we feel we have a unique connection to many aspects of the school, and relish the chance to draw on our experiences in order to provide more informed leadership. College has been a huge part of both our lives, and through its dedicated teachers and wealth of extra-curricular activities has helped shape us into the people we are today. We understand the facets of College which make it such a unique and desirable place to learn and will look to enhance and emphasise these important aspects of the school during our time next year.

The Geelong College possesses a number of core values which make it such a strong and inclusive community, not just for current students but for parents, staff and Old Collegians. Much of this sense of community can be attributed to the multitude of opportunities available, in subject choice, sport, music, the arts and outdoor education. These opportunities connect like-minded learners and contribute to the strong relationships between students who are able to bond over shared interests and experiences. A fundamental part of College’s distinct culture is also the strong sense of morality present in all students. This is a testament to the College’s firm values of respect, courage and integrity, values which are dutifully instilled in students from a young age, and result in the development of compassionate and grounded young people.

Our view on leadership is comprised of two components, leading by example and leading by helping those we lead to be the best versions of themselves possible. In leading by example, we hope to focus on embodying College’s strong values and ensuring we are always role models in terms of all aspects of school life. We also understand that the best leaders are those who can recognise the strengths of those they lead, so we hope to do this and, in doing so, make College the best place it can be for every individual. We both are also very excited to work with the amazing team of dedicated prefects who have been selected for 2019, but also the entire 2019 Year 12 cohort. Each individual brings a unique skillset, with ideas and interests of their own, and we are keen to see how each person can use their strengths to collectively create a team motivated to develop every aspect of the school. 

We each understand the importance of the role we are to undertake and will strive to uphold the College's strong values whilst respecting our school's long and proud history. We have a profound admiration for the important work that previous leaders have managed to achieve and will strive to carry on their legacy, yet at the same time we are excited to offer our own opinions and ideas. We offer our assurance that the responsibilities we have been privileged enough to be handed will be carried out with care, diligence and complete dedication, both respecting the past and looking to the future.

2019 promises to be a busy and exciting year in many ways. We both very much look forward to seeing the school in a new light, and having an opportunity to better understand and influence the direction of the school, and the things about which we are most passionate. We are excited to have this opportunity, and look forward to working with the broader Geelong College community to make a positive contribution to the life of our school, and all students.

Co-captains signatures

Iona Bulford and Oscar Illingworth - College Co-Captains 2019