Anna Webb

Foundation Vice-President
Anna is a current College parent and married into a family that has a long history at The Geelong College. Her husband, Paul Gorell (OGC 1981), father in law, Rex Gorell (OGC 1956) and brothers in law Brett (OGC 1982) and Jason (OGC 1989) - are all Old Collegians. Anna has a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Melbourne with a major in Psychology. Anna’s professional career has spanned Sydney and Melbourne. Her marketing, public relations and sponsorship roles have mainly focused on the telecommunications industry, the Arts and not for profit sector and, in more recent times, the health industry. Anna has two children currently at the school, Tommy and Edwina. Her three stepchildren, Zoe (OGC 2015), Emma (OGC 2016) and William (OGC 2018) also attended Geelong College.