In Year 7, students are encouraged to take more responsibility for themselves during a time of personal change. This is explored as both a group and an individual, with the time and support to ask questions, develop understanding, and to embrace their identity and their place in the world.

Throughout the year, students engage in a subject called Learning to Learn which encompasses a range of electives. Through their studies they develop a personal learning framework that assists in developing sophisticated strategies and metacognitive skills that are applicable to their learning in and across any subject area. This level of self-awareness combined with a sense of empowerment creates a particular type of learner, one that exercises choice responsibly, makes good decisions, is independent, self-directed, and able to articulate their thinking and ultimately, one that is equipped to face any challenge put in front of them. Through project-based learning, students explore current affairs, develop and discuss their own opinions, and investigate issues from viewpoints they hadn’t considered. The aim of this is to broaden ideas, expose students to the global world, and to develop empathetic and considered citizens.


With around 50% of the Year 7 cohort joining the College at the start of the year there are activities, including a camp, that are designed to build relationships and to help make and renew friendships. Students also begin playing APS sport and through their teams and training get to know more of their peers. Year 7 is about settling in and getting to know yourself as a learner.


In Year 7 students are offered a range of elective subjects as well as the required core subjects. For detailed subject information click the button below and explore our courses of study.

Year 7 Camp
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