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Pegasus scholarships are offered for students who believe they will thrive in the College’s academic and co-curricular program. Pegasus scholarships are for general excellence and offer students who would otherwise not be able to attend the College for financial reasons the opportunity to do so. Pegasus Scholarships are available from Year 7 for new enrolments in the following groups of students:

-      Rural and Regional Boarders

-      Students of Indigenous descent

-      Others who demonstrate general excellence

Application Process:

Pegasus Scholarships are open from March to November of each year for intake in 2 years’ time (ie. Apply in March 2019 for entry into 2021 or Year 5 for Year 7). Your application will be acknowledged by email and will then be assessed by the Principal and relevant Head of School. You will then be advised if you have been offered an interview and invited to sit an academic exam (in November). Your interview, application documents and exam result will be taken into consideration.

Prior to the interview you will tour the school and the boarding house if relevant. If you are successful you will receive a letter from the Principal with a scholarship offer, and if not, you will be contacted by the school.


If you would like further information on our Pegasus Scholarships please phone our Marketing Manager, Nicole Roache on 5226 3106 or email


Pegasus Scholarship Application

Are you an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander?
Would you be applying as a Rural and Regional boarder?

Address and contact details

Street name and type, ie. Noble Street

Application details

Current year level

A brief summary of academic achievement, sport, the arts, public speaking, leadership, community service or other area of excellence or endeavour.

In the student's own words. Please explain why you want to attend Geelong College and what you will bring to the College community. Max 500 words.

Student's End of Semester Report

Please upload a copy of the student's End of Semester report.

Will you be available to attend an interview at the College?
Parent or Guardian 1 details

Mobile preferred.

Financial details Parent or Guardian 1

These are equity scholarships. To determine financial need we ask for copies of your most recent tax return to be uploaded here.

Parent or Guardian 2 details
Financial details Parent or Guardian 2

These are equity scholarships. To determine financial need we ask for copies of your most recent tax return to be uploaded here.

Final Questions
Who should we contact regarding this scholarship application
How did you find out about the Geelong College Pegasus Scholarships?

The Geelong College is required to handle personal information in accordance with the national privacy principles contained in legislation. A copy of our privacy policy can be found here.