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Organisation Details

Please attach a Certificate of Currency

A Certificate of Currency must be included with the application. It is the responsibility of the hirer to arrange Public Liability Insurance Cover for the duration of the booking.

Booking Details

E.g. 4 Lanes

This will assist Recreation Centre Staff in providing emergency care if necessary.

Booking Agreement

01. Application: The right to use the facility is subject to The Geelong College Recreation Centre receiving a completed and signed facility booking form which has been confirmed in writing. The preferred timeframe for bookings are:

  • 24 hours in advance for facility only, and
  • Four weeks in advance for programs or bookings which require additional Bluewater staff. Note: Ad hoc or on the spot bookings may be accepted subject to facility availability.

02. Availability of Facility or Services: The facility is available for hire subject to College usage and community bookings, College programs, scheduled maintenance, mechanical breakdown or any other reason.

03. Fees & Charges: Hire Fees shall be in accordance with the fee’s and charges set by the College. Hire fees are inclusive of G.S.T. and can be paid in person on the day of hire or invoiced subsequent to hire if prior arrangement has been made. Invoices will be sent at the beginning of each month for the previous months use.

04. Booking Cancellations: For cancellations made with less than 48 hours’ notice, all costs associated with the booking, staff and lane hire or equipment will be charged to the hirer.

05. Booking Times: Booking times must be adhered to so that all user groups can have access to the facility on an equal basis. If required, set-up/pack-up time must be booked and paid for as the space cannot be accessed by other user groups during this time. If the area is not vacated by the nominated time, the hirer will be charged additional fees in accordance with the fees and charges schedule.

06. Outside Normal Operating Hours: For bookings which fall outside of normal operating hours a minimum of 2 staff members for aquatic facilities which comes at the expense of the hirer.

07. Insurance: Hire of The Geelong College Recreation Centre  is subject to the hirer possessing a current public liability policy covering an amount of at least $10,000,000. A copy of the certificate of currency must be submitted with the booking form.

Supervision: All people who enter the facility for any purpose relating to the hire are under supervision and control of the hirer. This responsibility extends to participants, spectators, invitees, guests and officials associated with the hire and includes all areas accessed by the hirer, meeting rooms, and change rooms. Any supervising person must comply with appropriate industry supervision guidelines and/or regulations and in accordance with The Geelong College Recreation Centre policies. This includes holding relevant qualifications (e.g. First Aid) and background checks (e.g. Working With Children), providing male and female staff/supervisors for coeducational groups, maintaining close and constant supervision for all children under 12 and staying within arm’s reach of all children under 5.

08. Provision of First Aid: The hirer must nominate a designated first aid person to respond in case of an emergency. If no first aid person is available for the hire the hirer will be charged the cost of a College Recreational staff member to act as the nominated first aid person. In the event that Rec centre first aid equipment is required, the hirer will be charged the cost of restocking the supplies which have been used. The Geelong college first aid room is available to all facility hirers.

09. Medical Conditions: If there are any known medical conditions that may impact on a person’s ability to participate in a booked activity please submit the details with your application to assist The rec centre staff to provide emergency care if required. Any incidents which require first aid must be reported to rec centre customer service regardless of whether rec centre staff are involved.

10. Ambulance Services: Under Duty of Care legislation, The Geelong College Recreational Centre reserves the right to call an ambulance in the event of an incident/injury that requires further medical treatment, irrespective of whether the affected party holds ambulance cover or not.

11. Evacuation: In the event a centre evacuation is required, the hirer must follow the direction of Rec centre staff. It is the responsibility of the hirers to make users aware of evacuation assembly points prior to program commencement.

12. Cleanliness: The facility is to be left in a clean and tidy state, with all rubbish, equipment and lost property removed following the booking. Any costs incurred by the College for cleaning the facility resulting from the condition in which it was left will be charged to the hirer.

Booking Agreement

By typing your name here you officially apply for hire of the premises set out in this application form for the days and times specified, and agree to comply with the terms of hire and will be fully responsible in ensuring that all participants comply with the terms of hire and entry.

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