Cricketers Become Renegades' 12th Men

Four Geelong College cricketers had a chance to share the field with professional T20 players at the weekend, when they became the 12th men for the Melbourne Renegades.

The Renegades had an internal practice match and family day on Sunday, before kicking off their T20 Big Bash campaign today, 20 December.

Liam Blackford, Charlie Lazzaro, Joey Nagle and Hunter Locke were invited to be 12th men for the day by the College's Director of Cricket Coaching, Renegades wicketkeeper Tim Ludeman.

It was a great opportunity for the boys to be around the Renegades squad for the day, meet the players and represent The Geelong College. They're pictured above with Cameron White, Jon Holland, Cameron Boyce, Andrew McDonald and Tim Ludeman.

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