Year 6s Go 'Out of this World' at Space Fair

This week, Year 6 students and teachers hosted their first-ever Space Fair to share their learning from this term. In the past few weeks, Year 6 students been studying a subject called "Out of this World", which covered many topics like colonising other planets and moons, living on space stations, how the human body reacts to life in space, and science fiction predictions that become science fact inventions.

As students researched these topics, they were given a variety of options for learning tasks that they needed to create. Some created annotated posters of space suit designs, realistic robot designs, human genetics and space food menus. There were also plenty of off-world dioramas such as space stations orbiting the moon, cloud cities on Venus and Mars colonies.

The feature task that everyone needed to create was a promotional film for a brand new colony in space. The film had to entertain and educate audiences about why the human race should seriously consider leaving the Earth and living in outer space. The "Out of this World" Unit provided a great learning journey for Year 6 students and this week’s Space Fair was a fantastic celebration of their achievements this term.

John Henderson
Year 6

Social Media