Year 7s Share Reading Projects at Expo

Many fond memories of authors Enid Blyton, S E Hinton, E B White, Judy Blume, Roald Dahl, C S Lewis, Tolkien and other old favourites, were evoked on Thursday 7 June when the Helen Mackie Library at Middle School hosted an expo for the Year 7 students and their families. 

The expo was the culmination of the Year 7 Shared Reading Project task organised by Library staff during Term 2 and early Term 3. 

The students and their visitors browsed, viewed and interacted with the many imaginative responses created, after students finished reading a book at home. The books were recommended by their parents, who had read them when they were younger.

The Library was buzzing with conversations about books and reading, as families discussed the individual responses and admired the creative work of the Year 7 cohort.

Barbara Carlson
Teacher Librarian - Middle School

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