Year 8s and Year 2s CODE IT Together

On Wednesday 16 May, the students from Year 8 CODE IT became teachers for the day.

They collaborated with the Year 2 students, who have been investigating simple machines as part of their Inquiry. This was a fantastic opportunity to have our Year 8s conduct some peer-to-peer teaching, allowing the Year 2 students to design and 3D-print name tags using the Tinkercad program.

The Middle School science labs were a hive of activity and conversation, as collaboration thrived amongst the students. This was a stimulating occasion for students to not only upskill each other in new digital technology programs and equipment, it was also a wonderful chance for our Junior School students to make connections with their Middle School counterparts. 

The Year 2 students left these peer lessons with excitement and the desire for more educational interactions with the Year 8 CODE IT class. We look forward to fostering these connections throughout the course of this year.

Thanks to Mrs Margaret McArthur, Mrs Andrea McGucken and Mr Michael O’Donnell for running the day and to the Year 2 Teachers for their hands-on support during the learning.

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