Shaved heads for Leukaemia

On Wednesday 14 March sisters, Josie (Year 9) and Sabrina (Year 7) Horne, shaved off their hair to raise awareness and money for Leukaemia as a part of the World’s Greatest Shave.The girls had friends and onlookers cut small pony tails off in the Middle School Quad at lunchtime, before the professionals took over to do the shave. Afterwards the nervous energy was beginning to make way for pride and disbelief that they had actually done it, but feeling the wind on their head, the many head rubs and lots of encouragement from friends and family brought plenty of smiles.

Josie and Sabrina spoke at Middle School assembly just before the shave and Senior School assembly, just after. They spoke about the leukaemia and the fight so many Australians who suffer this terrible disease have to live and get better. They also spoke about the importance of hair, and how hair loss is a particularly difficult side effect for many leukaemia sufferers, particularly women. Like many leukaemia patients they know they will have to cope with staring and questions, but just hope that they can raise awareness and help to change the culture around hair loss for leukaemia sufferers.

So far Josie and Sabrina (Team Cockroach) have raised over $4,000, they are accepting donations until next Tuesday, so please dig deep to support these brave girls and a great cause.

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Well done Josie and Sabrina!

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