Early Learners Join Year 5 to Explore Robotics

Early Learning 4B children have been exploring, drawing, designing and making robots. 

We were excited to be offered the opportunity to visit the Year 5s who have been working with robotics this term too. It was a fantastic opportunity to learn from our older friends while fostering and supporting our own inquiry and interest. 

Here are some reflections from the Early Learning children:

Jensen: The Year 5’s helped us make the robots work. We even got to control them!
Evie: It was so much fun because I love robots and I love the Year 5s.
Ivy: First we played with the round robots and there were Lego robots too. I got to work on a computer and we had to charge the robot up. I worked with one of the big girls and she was really friendly.

The Year 5s also gained a lot from the opportunity to pass on their robotics knowledge:

Sophie: It was great watching Finn's face light up when he made the robot move and he inspired me to keep trying if it didn't work. I loved listening to his suggestions and even testing some out.

We feel lucky to have such generous and knowledgeable friends in our school and highly value the opportunities to broaden the boundaries as we engage in cross-campus learning.

Thank you Year 5. We’ll definitely be back.

Julie Bickett
Early Learning 4B

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